Our Projects - Iron and Earth

Our Projects

Our Projects

Solar Skills Renewable Energy Training

The Solar Skills program will prepare trainees in a diverse set of skills. Our trainees will learn high efficiency retrofitting and how to install photovoltaic solar panels, solar heatings and electric vehicle charging stations in our program. The best part? They will do this while building clean tech infrastructure on schools in their community.

Renewable Energy Activation Programs

The primary focus of our organization is the development of our Iron and Earth Renewable Energy Programs. We will build unique programs for each affiliate stakeholder we develop a working relationship with. Through these programs, we will help our affiliates: develop unique collaborative networks with various stakeholders in the renewable energy sector, develop and contribute to a shared vision of Canada’s energy future, identify and address training gaps for its membership, and advocate for the policies shared by our affiliates. The first goal of our organization is to develop programs and affiliative stakeholder relationships with our respective unions and contractors.

Short Film

Another initiative of Iron and Earth that will help further our four pillars is the production of a short film. The film is told from the perspective of one of our founders Lliam Hildebrand, who after 5 years of working in the oilsands as a boilermaker is looking to apply his skills to renewable energy development. The film uses the personal stories of his co-workers who join him on this adventure, and will highlight the emerging story that jobs, environment, and economy can go hand in hand. Lliam has been documenting his experiences in Northern Alberta for the past 2 years. As we continue to collect footage, we hope to document the emerging relationships and dialogue between unlikely stakeholders. We hope the distribution of the film will help further catalyze collaboration by challenging some of the ‘Us v.s Them’ mentalities between environmentalists and workers in these industries. The film will also act as an advocacy tool for the shared vision of our membership and affiliates.  

 Interactive Media Project

We also hope to develop an interactive media project which will highlight the stories of our members and affiliates as we work to unravel the complexities of Canada’s energy future. Through video logs, and articles written by our membership, we will invite viewers into the process of developing a shared vision, and the hurdles we face along the way. We also hope to include an interactive map which will allow people to see where Canada’s energy currently comes from, where our renewable energy resources are located, and where there are job opportunities in the renewable energy industry. We also hope to include a portal for workers and individuals to learn about training programs available which will help facilitate their increased ability to work in the renewable energy sector. There may also be an interactive advocacy tool where people can view and engage with the various renewable energy campaigns across Canada.