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Iron & Earth is a worker-led not-for-profit. We are energy workers excited to build renewable energy projects. Join us! Sign up for updates.

Iron & Earth is a worker-led not-for-profit. 

We are committed to empowering oil and gas, coal and indigenous workers to build a renewable energy economy.

We are energy workers, and are excited to build renewable energy projects. 

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    A CALL FOR FEDERAL LEADERSHIP - Stand with oil sands workers calling for renewable energy

    The workers of Iron & Earth are urging the federal government to show bold leadership to put Canada on the fast track to a net-zero economy now. This week we wrote to Prime Minister Trudeau and Deputy Prime Minister Freeland and asked them to enact a plan that will put us to work building the new economy. The Teck mine cancellation could represent a historic milestone, marking the moment that Canada shifted collectively towards a prosperous net-zero economy. But in order to move in this new direction, we need visionary federal climate policy that includes urgent investments across the country, with special attention to Alberta and Saskatchewan. Here is the text of our letter:
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    Iron & Earth is a not-for-profit organization led by fossil fuel industry and Indigenous workers, whose aim is to help build the policies and infrastructure required to meet climate targets. We are concerned about the increasingly polarized conversation and contexts around energy development in Canada and are reaching out with a message of vision and proposed action. 
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