Scott Meunier, Instructional Designer - Iron & Earth

Scott Meunier, Instructional Designer

Scott MeunierM.Ed.

My entire life is shaped by the oilpatch. The oil and gas industry has fed, clothed, educated and employed me throughout my childhood and career. 

My first memories include sleepy mornings going with my Dad to his job as a battery operator. My first paying job included long hours swamping on a vacuum truck serving the rigs around our small town. And now, as a father myself, my biggest challenge is ensuring that my children also have sustainable ways to make a living for themselves.

Witnessing the highs and lows associated with the volatility of the oil and gas sector has also shaped me. I am committed to doing what I can to support workers transitioning to careers in climate solutions so there are multiple ways for people to make a living producing energy both now and for generations to come.