Ras Takac, Board Director - Stand with oil sands workers calling for renewable energy

Ras Takac, Board Director

Ras.jpgRas is a multi-disciplined professional engineer with 15 years of experience in renewable energy, power generation, electrical utilities and construction. Competencies include asset management, industry research, Alberta and Saskatchewan relationship building, energy modelling, and project development. As a Transformer, he is able to take a product, person or project from a raw element or idea and change it into something much better. Seeing the vision and the final product required by an organization, Ras works backwards through the process; planning and executing the final product ultimately crafted by the team.

Ras has joined the Iron & Earth board of directors because of the consistency of the “why” of the organization and how it aligns with his personal mission, to create a sustainable energy future for Canada that would ensure the health and equity of workers, our families, communities, economy and the environment. He believes we can meet today's power needs while promoting clean sustainable energy technologies that everyone can benefit from.