Transition Now

Fossil fuel industry workers are ready to make the jump to a net-zero economy. They've powered Canada, now it's time to let them empower their future.

Cartoon Fossil Fuel Industry Worker Holding a Globe
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We commissioned a poll of fossil fuel industry workers to learn and understand how they envision transitioning to a net-zero economy.

What they said might surprise you:

  • 69% are interested in switching to a career in the net-zero economy
  • 88% of fossil fuel industry workers are interested in skills training and development for jobs in the net-zero economy
  • 80% of fossil fuel industry workers support a National Upskilling Initiative to rapidly upskill fossil fuel industry and Indigenous workers for net-zero economy jobs



  • A seat at the Just Transition table.
  • A National Upskilling Initiative.
  • So that workers can shape their future and Canada's future.
  • So that we can plan the work, and work the plan.

If we don't push, change doesn't happen.


Luisa Da Silva

Luisa Da Silva, Executive Director I&E

"Canada’s fossil fuel workers have deep technical expertise that can be harnessed to power the net-zero economy."

Bruce Wilson

Bruce Wilson, Board Chair, I&E

"Workers shouldn’t be out of pocket for training that will enable Canada to cut its emissions and remain competitive globally."

Jim McPhail

Jim McPhail, former fossil fuel worker

"The need for a Just Transition isn’t theoretical for me. I’ve seen the impacts of layoffs on families, and on kids...The reality is the world is changing."


Barend Dronkers

Barend Dronkers

Lead Author of the Prosperous Transition Plan Report

P. Eng. | MSc, CEM

Barend is a clean energy consultant who works on energy efficiency and renewable energy policy and technology analysis. His services support market transformation for clean energy technologies by supporting decision-makers in navigating environmental, social and economic dimensions of their projects. He researches energy transitions topics, including energy efficiency, distributed energy resource technologies, and grid modernization. His expertise includes energy efficiency portfolio and program design, potential studies, technical reference manuals, cost-effectiveness testing, and benchmarking and financing programs. Barend has nearly 10 years of professional experience in engineering, policy, and energy transitioning planning from his positions at Energy Efficiency Alberta, the Pembina Institute, and Shell. He is also a fellow of the Energy Futures Lab. Barend has a Master of Sustainable Energy Technology from the Delft University of Technology and is a Waterloo engineering graduate.

Barend is proud to be the lead author of Iron & Earth’s Prosperous Transition Plan report. He understands that transitioning to a clean economy requires an ‘all aboard’ approach, especially for fossil fuel and Indigenous workers, who have valuable and leading roles to play in shaping and realizing the net zero economy.

Chris Wieczorek

Chris Wieczorek

Volunteer Research Officer, Co-author of the Prosperous Transition Plan Report

B.A. (hons) Political Science and History (Dalhousie) | MSc. Nature, Society and Environmental Governance (Oxon)

Chris grew up on the west coast of Canada and moved all the way to the east coast for university. With family who work in the trades, and having made friends along the way who work in the fossil fuel sector, Chris appreciates how important these industries have been for the economic security of many Canadians. Chris has previously worked as an advisor to several Ministers at the provincial level, as a researcher in academic and non-academic settings, as a business consultant, and has experience in the non-profit sector as well.

Chris is passionate about guaranteeing fair, safe and decent employment for all workers while simultaneously ensuring that our future generations inherit a world that’s better and more sustainable than the one that was left to us. He has long appreciated Iron & Earth’s advocacy work that advanced this vision, and joined the organization early in 2021 as a researcher. He co-wrote Iron & Earth’s Prosperous Transition Plan to help ensure that fossil fuel workers, their families, and their communities have a prosperous transition as Canada moves towards its net-zero emissions goal.

Chris believes that no one should be left behind as a result of the transition to net-zero, and is passionate about ensuring the voices of all impacted workers and communities are reflected in this process. He continues to pitch in on Iron & Earth initiatives and particularly appreciates the opportunity to hear and learn from those impacted by the transition as we move towards ensuring a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

Help us by sharing these results widely. Canada's ready. Fossil fuel industry workers are ready. The world is ready. Help make it happen.