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Blast from the Past - Halkirk Wind Farm

A great video by Global News Edmonton from way back in 2012 highlights some of the great opportunities in the wind sector for small Alberta towns and Canadian trades workers. 

Halkirk's ​150 MW wind farm operated by Capital Energy is one of the largest in Alberta, producing enough energy to power 50,000 homes (based on average household energy use of 1,000 kWh/month). The video claims 10% of Alberta's energy in 2012 came from wind, making it the largest percentage of any province. 

We here at Iron & Earth believe there is potential for a whole lot more. According to CANWEA,  Ontario nearly tripled the new wind power capacity of Alberta in 2014. With tough times upon the oil industry, this province's workforce is hurting for work for the first time this decade. With more investment in wind and a diversified energy economy, we can continue to build upon the legacy of trades in Alberta and make a Canada that works now and in the future. 

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