Andrea Visser - Stand with oil sands workers calling for renewable energy

Andrea Visser, Volunteer Fundraising Coordinator

B.Sc. Geography Major- Concentrations in Environment and Sustainability, Geomatics (UVIC)

Andrea has always had a passion for the environment, but was never certain of where this passion would lead her. By traveling to diverse environments, Australia, Europe & Asia, she soaked in the beauty and observed an common theme. Every where in the world depends and relies on energy, and that energy comes from the environment. Whether it came from biodiversity, geology or water, as humans we need it to survive. She also realized that she wants to spend her life living peacefully with its instrinctic systems and respect its forms of energy in a sustainable manner. She studied environmental science, and then was introduced to Iron & Earth. She found that the concepts behind Iron and Earth are similar to her own life stances. Hence, she is happily working on the Fundraising Team to help further the goals and projects of Iron & Earth.

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