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Jobs, Justice and the Climate Forum

This event is run by a third-party partner


On Monday, November 21st executive director Lliam Hildebrand will be taking part in a discussion panel in Vancouver titled; 'Jobs, Justice and the Climate Forum', organized by Climate Convergence Metro Vancouver.

Last week we launched our Workers Climate Plan report which lays out a structural way for the federal and provincial governments to transition towards renewable energy and help create jobs, economic growth and sustainability whilst reducing environmental impact. This forum will be a chance for you to hear more about the report as well as our views as an organization and how we are helping workers in Canada transition towards a more sustainable, balanced energy future.

Alongside Iron and Earth there will be three other presenter joining the discussion:

- Melina Laboucan-Massimo - Lubicon Solar
- Russ Day - President, Unifor Local 601 (Chevron Refinery Workers)
- Marc Lee - Chief Economist, Climate Justice Project - Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

If you would like more information regarding the event please visit the Facebook page here.

We look forward to seeing you there & joining in the discussion.