Our Strategy - Iron and Earth

Our Strategy

We aim to incorporate our four pillars of collaboration, vision, training, and advocacy into each of the projects we undertake.

Our Strategy

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Our efforts begin with a focus on building relationships. We understand that the networks required to grow the renewable energy industry are complex and incomplete. By working with our unions, oil and gas companies, clean energy entrepreneurs, contractors, politicians, and other leaders in the energy industry, we can help build relationships that don't currently exist.

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For too long, there has been a divide between environmentalism and energy sector workers. The argument from many governments has been that we need to decide between jobs or the environment. As workers in this sector, we know that we can create new jobs while reducing our impact on the environment, and we are committed to ensuring that this vision is realized.


Our focus is to ensure the personal mastery of our membership. Renewable energy construction is similar to the carbon based industries that make up the majority of our existing work scope, but will require some specialized training. As part of our "Build the Future" program, we will identify and provide these training programs for our membership. This program will be specialized to the different needs of the various trades. 

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We are very grateful for the work available to our trades in the oil and gas sector, but also recognize the need to diversify our work scope. We will support our employers in securing contracts in renewable energy projects so that we can physically build the new energy infrastructure we believe in. We recognize the need for progressive policies and public support for these initiatives and will run advocacy campaigns in partnership with the stakeholders we work with as these opportunities arise.