Our Four Pillars - Iron and Earth

Our Four Pillars

Four interlocking hands

Building a community for workers & supporters

We help create community by bringing members and supporters together to establish chapters and carry out high-impact initiatives. This community is important for our members as they navigate the complexities of diversifying their careers. These relationships and networks create a lasting foundation for positive change towards a shared vision.

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Developing careers in climate solutions

We provide road maps, training, resources and networks that fossil fuel industry and Indigenous workers require to establish careers in climate solutions. We do this through our rapid upskilling programs and career development support programs.


Building support for a prosperous transition

We help build political, industry and public support for an environmentally and socially prosperous transition towards climate neutrality. This support translates into the policies and programs that our members and partners need to thrive during this transition. We accomplish this through our campaigns that provide our members with a platform to have their voice and policy priorities heard.

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Building scalable climate solutions

We build scalable climate solutions through our sustainable energy projects to provide an opportunity for our members to gain hands-on experiences and directly contribute to tangible emissions reductions.