Our Four Pillars - Iron and Earth

Our Pillars

We aim to incorporate our four pillars of collaboration, vision, training, and advocacy into each of the projects we undertake.

Our Four Pillars

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Building community for workers & supporters

Many workers desire renewable energy jobs but lack a community where they can safely pursue or advocate for such a future. We help create such a community by bringing members together to carry out high impact events, campaigns, projects and programs. These actions help forge relationships and networks that create a lasting foundation for positive change.

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Developing renewable energy careers

Many workers don’t know where to start their effort to establish a career in renewable energy. We aim to provide a clear pathway by reaching workers with the message that their skills are transferable and to connect these workers with the training, resources, and networks they require to position themselves in the renewable energy industry.


Building support for a prosperous transition

There is insufficient support from the public, government and industry to ensure the world reaches climate targets, while also enabling a prosperous transition for workers. We help build this support through amplifying the voice of workers and supporters calling for specific solutions to be implemented.

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Building demonstration projects

Many people believe that renewable energy is not yet viable or relevant for their community. We make the benefits of these technologies tangible through developing community based sustainable energy projects that act as case-studies for what’s possible. We further increase the positive impact of these projects with integrated hands-on training programs for fossil fuel industry and Indigenous workers from the area.