Our Constitution - Iron and Earth

Our Constitution


Iron & Earth is led by oilsands workers committed to incorporating more renewable energy projects into our work scope. We invite the general public and workers from other energy sectors to join us in this mission. 


We believe the development of Canada’s energy sector must prioritize the health and equity of workers, our families, communities, economy, and the environment.


The current trajectory of Canada’s energy industry does not reflect our values, and a new direction is needed. There are strong economic, social, and environmental reasons for Canada to be one of the leading countries in the renewable energy industry, but our nation has failed in this area. Although the members of Iron & Earth are some of the primary benefactors of carbon based energy development, we believe it is time for Canada to develop a more diversified approach to the development of our energy sector - Canada needs to manage it’s carbon based energy sources in a more sustainable manner, while ambitiously increasing renewable energy development.


We will prioritize building relationships as the foundation of our work, and will strive to find common ground as we develop and implement strategies for our membership to thrive in the renewable energy industry. Through this pursuit, our actions will never compromise our mission, values, or beliefs.