National Chapter Director - Stand with oil sands workers calling for renewable energy

We are hiring a National Chapter Director!






Date posted: October 8, 2020

Closing date: November 18, 2020

Job type: Contract, with the goal of making the position a permanent staff position

Start date: December 2020

Compensation: $30-35/hr depending on experience, at 30 hr/week 

Contract timeline: 1 year contract

Location: Remote



If you are excited to help forge a prosperous energy transition for our country and you have experience in the fossil fuel industry, don't miss this exciting opportunity to work with Iron & Earth! 

We are hiring a National Chapter Director to strengthen our current chapters, build a foundation to scale our chapter model across Canada, and lead our Prosperous Transition campaign.

The National Chapter Director will have a lot of flexibility to design their own strategies and work schedule. 

We’re seeking candidates with an inspiring vision for Canada's energy future and a passion for building community and empowering fossil fuel industry and Indigenous workers to build and implement climate solutions. 


Iron & Earth formed around the lunchroom tables of the oilsands during an oil price crash, which resulted in over 100,000 oilpatch employees losing their jobs between 2015 and 2017. We realized that our trade skills were transferable to the renewable energy industry and recognized the urgency of diversifying into these technologies. Beyond the financial benefits, we were excited about the opportunity to help build a more sustainable energy future. So, in Spring 2016, we launched Iron & Earth to create a better future for ourselves, our coworkers, and the planet. Since then, we have built a membership of over 900 fossil fuel industry workers passionate about our vision and have carried out a wide range of initiatives. 

Iron & Earth is a worker-led not-for-profit whose mission is to empower fossil fuel industry and Indigenous workers to build and implement climate solutions. Our top-level goal is to help ensure a prosperous transition towards global carbon neutrality by 2050.

Our vision is that fossil fuel industry and Indigenous workers will play a leading role in building the infrastructure and nature-based solutions required to reach global climate targets. Our vision of Iron & Earth’s role in realizing this future is that by 2050 we will have empowered thousands of worker members to establish chapters, develop projects, deliver training programs, shape policies, and host and participate in climate solution-related events around the world.

We recognize that the new economy must be grounded in a recognition of Indigenous peoples’ right to be self-determining over their own lands and resources, in accordance with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and strive to work toward a new economy that reflects this principle.


This opportunity is perfect for a current or former fossil fuel industry worker who has an inspiring vision of how Canada’s traditional energy sector workforce and businesses can be mobilized to build a prosperous net-zero future. The core mission of the National Chapter Director is to strengthen our community of workers and supporters and empower this constituency to further Iron & Earth’s vision, mission, pillars and initiatives. The top-level-goal for the National Chapter Director throughout 2020 & 2021 will be to lead our Prosperous Transition Campaign and build a foundation to grow our chapters across the country.

National Chapter Director responsibilities:

  • Organize with workers and supporters to support existing chapters to grow and establish new chapters across the country
  • Help fossil fuel industry and Indigenous workers diversify into climate careers  
  • Lead Iron & Earth’s Prosperous Transition Campaign
  • Develop communications materials including member communications, media communications, and campaign materials
  • Act as a spokesperson for Iron & Earth at key events and with news media 
  • Engage with decision-makers and elected officials to advocate for Iron & Earth’s policy priorities
  • Work with the Iron & Earth HQ team to develop grant applications
  • Engage with stakeholders to establish strategic partnerships
  • Manage project budgets


The purpose of our chapters is to offer a community for fossil fuel industry and Indigneous workers, as well as all supporters, to build relationships, and create positive change at a regional level. Chapters are led by fossil fuel industry and Indigenous workers and supporters in the chapter’s community/region. Members identify challenges and opportunities that Iron & Earth is uniquely positioned to address in the community or region and then design and deploy campaigns, projects, programs, and events tailored to address those needs and opportunities. Iron & Earth has chapters on the East Coast and Alberta, and we are seeking to deepen their impact and support new chapters to grow.

Trainees during a solar energy training program organized by Iron & Earth East

Our existing chapters have initiated a range of activities in their respective communities to-date. For example, Iron & Earth East is the Atlantic Canadian chapter of Iron & Earth, headquartered in St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador and was founded in 2016. The chapter has hosted two solar training programs, a province-wide Speaker Series campaign, an Iron & Earth Energy Hour radio show, and several Shop Talk Nights. The chapter also helped develop a “365 Greenhouse” project that will utilize solar energy technology to produce fresh food year-round. The project is located at the Autism Society of Newfoundland and Labrador and will provide some long term jobs as part of a social enterprise. The greenhouse will produce fresh produce for farm-to-table meals at the on-site restaurant and flowers for its Good Roots Gardening program.


The Prosperous Transition Campaign advances a bold four-point plan for a transition to net-zero by 2050, powered by the vision and voices of fossil fuel industry workers' calling for change. This campaign will amplify positive and empowering new narratives of hope by listening to the constituencies that need to be heard the most during the COVID-19 recovery period ahead. 

The Theory of Change for this campaign is that if we can demonstrate mass support from fossil fuel industry workers for a prosperous transition to net-zero, then governments will direct more stimulus funding towards a green and just recovery because governments need to address the needs and demands of workers most impacted by the transition.

We have launched our initial action page that lays out our four-point plan and our vision for a prosperous transition. We gathered nearly 1000 signatures within our first three weeks and have generated several media stories during the media cycle covering the Throne Speech in September. 

We plan to ramp this campaign up into this winter and spring. Primarily, through listening to our constituency through surveys and interviews, amplifying their voices through traditional and digital media and leveraging this collective voice to ensure tangible policy results— a Green Recovery budget announcement in 2021 that reflects our calls for action. We will also support workers to engage directly with decision-makers by meeting with their elected representatives.


Mandatory skills & experience

  • Experience in the fossil fuel industry, whether it be a white or blue-collar background
  • Ability to carry out the mission, objectives, and activities included above
  • Track record of building or leading effective teams
  • Enjoy building and supporting teams
  • Personal values aligned with our organization’s mission, goals and philosophy  
  • Empowering leadership approach
  • Exceptional written and communication skills
  • Understanding of oil and gas, renewable energy industries and political landscape in Canada
  • Understanding of the importance of community building during the current energy transition
  • Exceptional written and communication skills
  • Must have access to a computer and reliable internet connection

Additional skills and experience preferred

  • Experience collaborating with Indigenous communities
  • Experience with campaigning, community organizing, or union organizing
  • Experience in a top-level management position
  • Experience organizing events
  • Experience leading media relations
  • Accounting, finance and project management skills
  • Experience with Google Suite and other digital tools
  • Bachelor’s degree in business, communications or related field
  • Experience in a startup
  • Entrepreneurial experience
  • Experience in government relations and stakeholder engagement

We especially encourage and welcome Indigenous candidates to apply. 


Salary and hours

Compensation: $30-35/hr depending on experience, at 30 hr/week. 


Remotely based with some opportunities to meet with members and team members in-person, pending COVID-19 restrictions throughout the period of the contract.

How  to apply

If you are interested in this position and meet the requirements, please:

  • Send us your resume and cover letter by midnight on November 18, 2020, to [email protected] in one PDF titled "Last name_first name_application" and the email title "National Chapter Director"
  • In your cover letter, please tell us about how your experience in the fossil fuel industry inspires you to support workers to build climate solutions and win green recovery policies. Please also describe the skills and experience you would bring to this position's mission, objectives, and activities.

We will consider applications continuingly until the posting closes on November 18, 2020.

We thank all applicants for your interest in our organization and the time spent on your application; however, only applicants invited for an interview will be contacted.


Read more about this moment in time for our organization in this blog post!


Thank you for your interest!