Jason Courtepatte, Lead Instructor - Iron & Earth

Jason Courtepatte, Lead Instructor

Ana Guerra Marin

CME, PEC | Entrepreneur | Certified Master Electrician | Professional Electrical Contractor

Since 2012, when Jason started his electrical apprenticeship, he’s been fascinated with renewable energy and sustainable business practices. Living in a traditionally conservative part of the country, he encountered many barricades during his path to become an expert in the field of renewable energy when starting his company, Kite Electric. He has been awarded the professional designation of Professional Electrical Contractor and serves on the ECAA board of directors as well as the ECAA Green Initiatives Committee.

Working with an organization like Iron & Earth has allowed Jason to truly pursue his passion of providing sustainable energy solutions to communities across the province and the country. From solar energy to battery storage systems, Jason strives to help communities achieve their visions of energy independence while respecting tradition and community involvement.

Jason provides instructional and mentoring opportunities to youth, seniors, and communities as a whole to enable and encourage self-sustainability and economic diversity. Education is an instrument through which one can truly implement change, and this is the core fundamental upon which Jason’s ethics, morals, and strategic business growth is based.