Adam Lynes-Ford - Director of Innovation and Energy Policy

Adam Lynes-Ford

Adam Lynes-Ford - Director of Innovation and Energy Policy

B.A. Political Geography

Adam lives in a rural island community with three generations of his family on a small farm. Growing up in a small community, he was raised with a respect for the land and an understanding of our reliance on its wellbeing. When effects of global warming began to threaten his family’s way of life - from droughts to struggling salmon runs, he wanted to be a part of the solution. 

As National Director of the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition, Adam helped organize Canada’s first PowerShift, the largest-ever mass gathering of young people in Ottawa for action on climate change. There he met Indigenous and fossil fuel workers who were also concerned about the dangers of global warming and who wanted to use their skills to help build a renewable energy economy and a safer future for their families and communities. It was clear that these workers needed to be at the forefront of building the new economy.

Since then Adam has led campaign strategy, government relations, and communications for several advocacy organizations. Adam is thrilled to now be working with Iron & Earth’s members who are playing a key role in building a better future for everyone. 

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