Ian Wilson, Iron & Earth Edmonton Chapter Director - Stand with oil sands workers calling for renewable energy

Ian Wilson, Iron & Earth Edmonton Chapter Director

Journeyman Electrician | IBEW Local 424

The oil and gas industry has kept Ian and his family fed and clothed since the 1990’s. When Ian’s not working as an electrician, he’s thinking about work or talking about work. He doesn’t have any tattoos, but the coolest one he ever saw was on a co-worker. He had a tattoo of his Red Seal on his arm. If Ian had to put something meaningful and important permanently on his body, that would be it. Ian intends on applying this level of pride and passion in his work to the renewable energy industry in whatever way he can.

Ian participated in Iron & Earth’s first Solar Skills training program, and he plans to implement his new found skills through starting his own renewable energy business with this knowledge. He hopes to inspire and help others to do the same, and help prove that the concept of upskilling and the advocacy that Iron & Earth provides is beneficial.

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