Randy Lloyd at Stand with oil sands workers calling for renewable energy

A new beginning for an old hand

About Randy Lloyd

In the beginning there was a rig and a job to do. That is all any kid needed with no education, the pay was the stuff of dreams and the job fit my Savoir Faire mindset. I excelled. After a few years on the drilling rigs I branched out left the rig floor left the country and entered into the real world, started in the Directional Drilling industry learning to tag targets half meter in diameter 6000 meters away. First with pen and paper then as technology progressed with more and more advanced tools. Now we steer multiple legs off of one well remotely.

 Lets see if I can garner a new skill, apply my past knowledge and just sort of steer the well from the back of the bus blindfolded to where it will truly end up ( in life and at TD)!

Randy Lloyd 11sc

Randy Lloyd