Energy Futures Lab (EFL) Fellowship Workshop - Stand with oil sands workers calling for renewable energy

Energy Futures Lab (EFL) Fellowship Workshop

Last week, I attended the Energy Futures Lab (EFL) Fellowship Workshop on behalf of the Iron & Earth team and I wanted to share some of the excitement with you!

The EFL is a multi-stakeholder platform that convenes diverse voices in the energy system. It is a trusted bridge-builder, connecting innovators working in different areas of the energy system and taking advantage of their divergent perspectives.

EFL Fellows

I’ve had the honour of being an EFL Fellow for the past two years and this participation has been vital in helping Iron & Earth establish strong stakeholder partnerships across the entire energy sector in Alberta. Through the EFL, we established relationships with Desmond Bull from the Louis Bull Tribe as well as secured financial support from our first major industry partners, Enbridge and Suncor Energy.

With the support of these partnerships, we were able to complete our first project with the Louis Bull Tribe in Alberta last year. This project trained 15 fossil fuel industry workers, including five Louis Bull community members, in solar energy skills. Iron & Earth was able to fundraise the full cost of the training programs, as well as the renewable energy system which was installed on the community daycare. Here is a great video about the project if you haven’t seen it.

At the Fellowship Workshop last week, the EFL announced securing funding to continue and deepen their work in Alberta for the next three years! They will be launching their official plans at the EFL summit in February of next year.

The most exciting thing for Iron & Earth is that this means we are going to have access to 60 Energy Futures Lab Fellowswho are influential leaders from business, government, and community organizations across Alberta. These innovators strive to create an energy future that is aligned with the emerging social, economic and environmental demands of the 21st Century. As an EFL Fellow, I am able to amplify Iron & Earth initiatives through this focused group of change-makers, potential funders, mentors, and well-networked leaders.

I am excited about our continued partnership with the EFL and I want as many workers as possible to benefit from this support. Please share this with your friends and co-workers and let them know about Iron & Earth.

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