Devin Tepleski at Stand with oil sands workers calling for renewable energy

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About Devin Tepleski

Devin Tepleski uses his skill-sets in web design, data management and analysis, multimedia creation, and communications to help research teams, community organizations, and indigenous communities share information more effectively and more beautifully.

Besides his work utilizing the latest technologies for community engagement, he is active as a photographer and filmmaker. The recipient of numerous international awards for his photographs and films, Devin continues to try to fit in as much creative work into his busy schedule.

Devin is also the founder of Friends of Bui Society, a non-profit that merges art and documentary traditions to raise awareness of and much needed funds for communities impacted by Bui Hydroelectric Dam, Ghana.

Tepleski’s images have been published by TIME and O Magazine, and were featured in the Human Rights Special Edition of Zoom published in Italy in 2012.

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Devin Tepleski