Bruce Wilson at Stand with oil sands workers calling for renewable energy

Working to help shape and facilitate a just transition to a global new economy, creating pathways that enable everyone to thrive.

About Bruce Wilson

A civil, structural, mechanical engineer by training, I have designed structures to withstand North Sea storms, built an earth dam in Africa and installed deepwater oil & gas production systems on four continents. My career in the oil & gas industry was varied and rewarding, allowing me the privilege of experiencing and appreciating diverse cultures. Yet as I came to terms with the weight of the footprint that hydrocarbons were placing on the earth I realized that we must tread more lightly, rapidly reducing that carbon burden by shifting to a new, low-carbon economy. I left the company that I had grown with in the latter half of my career, determined to take more direct and deliberate action on climate adaptation and the energy transition. Climate change will have greatest impact on economically vulnerable communities and also on colleagues and friends in our legacy energy industries who in the coming years will be increasingly called upon to bring their skills and ideas to this new endeavour, to create a new economy in which prosperity and planet can co-exist. I wish to become an integral part of shaping and facilitating a fair and just transition for all that creates the conditions for success - jobs, training, bridging mechanisms, support, funding - allowing everyone to thrive and grow, even in the midst of sweeping change.

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Bruce Wilson